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Blue Shoe is based on the concept that all things marketing today center around providing your customers entertainment, engagement, and education through compelling, creative content. Presenting your product to them isn't enough, and our work centers around finding the right E's for your clients and helping you present them in the best way possible. Our history is rich...


In 1992, Blue Shoe Content, under the leadership of Christine Merser, started providing consulting and marketing services to businesses – large and small, mostly centered around the emerging 'thing' called the Internet. We were on the team for the first Olympic website. We were on the team for the strategy for Obama’s 2008 website. We set up the strategy for selling Water Mill Party to Classic Party Rentals. We have launched more social media platforms than we can count. Buccellati. Classic Party Rentals. Baking for Good. We have developed “Blue Ocean” products for small businesses struggling to maintain a profit. And, we have used the advent of the Net, and then social media to bring it all together. Enough bragging. 


It is our belief that the world is changing at a rate faster than the speeding bullet of purchase intent. First, there was PR and ad-driven marketing. Then everyone focused on social media. Now, the philosophy of Merser's consulting is based on three elements in marketing products and services. Engage. Entertain. Educate. Couple two or more of these core value propositions in your marketing plan and your service or product will shine, shine, shine. Brand loyalty. Customer acquisition. Product differential. All are cemented through the E3's creative options. 

So, content will provide the best vehicle to have them at 'hello.'

Success around this philosophy has been consistent. Get in touch if you'd like to learn more.  

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Blue Shoe

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Team Blue Shoe


Christine Merser

Blue Shoe Creator

Loves all things 'story.' Sell me with a story and I'm a loyal customer for life.


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Kelly Badeau

All Things Design

The thing I love about graphic design is that you can take something like a boring Word document and turn it into an engaging book


Sam Ellis

Blue Shoe Creator

Give me a fabulous meme quote, and I'm all over it! 

Katya juliet Lerner

Katya Juliet Lerner

Creative Guru for Site Design & So Much More

“If you don't go after what you want, you'll never have it. If you don't ask, the answer is always no. If you don't step forward, you're always in the same place.”  

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Frances Pearson

Manages BShoe Projects & Life

Keep the focus on the goal line and I'm all in. Let's get this content loaded!

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Kassie Schellinger

All Things Video

I love an virtual open house, live on Facebook or Instagram, except when I trip over a cat. 


Bill Plax

All Things Podcasts

I enjoy bringing my creativity to every podcast I produce and making hosts and guests sound the best they can.


Nano Cabrera

Zoom Producer

“Producing zoom calls is like organizing a party and then getting to watch everyone’s conversation at the event. I’ve learned so much and enjoy making sure it goes as planned. People prepare carefully and I always want to make sure they are not thwarted by the program!”

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