Blue Shoe Strategy is based on the concept that all things marketing today center around providing your customers entertainment, engagement, and education. Presenting your product to them isn't enough, and our work centers around finding the right E's for your clients and helping you present them in the best way possible. Our history is rich...


In 1992, Blue Shoe Strategy, under the leadership of Christine Merser, started providing consulting and marketing initiative execution services to businesses – large and small, mostly centered around the emerging 'thing' called the Internet. We were on the team for the first Olympic website. We were on the team for the strategy for Obama’s 2008 website. We set up the strategy for selling Water Mill Party to Classic Party Rentals. We have launched more social media platforms than we can count. Buccellati. Classic Party Rentals. Baking for Good. We have developed “Blue Ocean” products for small businesses struggling to maintain a profit. And, we have used the advent of the Net and then social media to make bring it all together. Enough bragging. 


It is our belief that the world is changing at a rate faster than the speeding bullet of purchase intent. First, there was PR and ad-driven marketing. Then everyone focused on social media. Now, the philosophy of Merser's consulting is based on three elements in marketing products and services. Engage. Entertain. Educate. Couple two or more of these core value propositions in your marketing plan and your service or product will shine, shine, shine. Brand loyalty. Customer acquisition. Product differential. All are cemented through the E3's creative options. 


Success around this philosophy has been consistent. Get in touch if you'd like to learn more.  

Meet Some of the Blue Shoe Marketing Team

Christine Merser

Founder & CEO

I love that no day is the same. I love movies. Love the written word even though it's becoming obsolete. Love the Favorite Daughter, Sarah about whom I'm not allowed to write. Love when we nail it. I podcast. I'm Hollister in Screen Thoughts. I make sure we do pro bono work each and every year. This year, I went on the board of Empower Her Network because freedom is everything. 

Born and raised in the Hampton’s, I never venture too far away from the beach. I am passionate about my community and enjoy giving back as a member of my local Volunteer Ambulance Corporation. I love exploring new restaurants and documenting my meals along the way—If you didn’t Instagram it, it never happened, am I right? 

Kassie Schellinger 

Video Content Creator

Frances Pearson

Vice President

Why did you choose marketing as your work?

I love working closely with our clients to translate what they are all about, to potential consumers of their products or services. 


What is your favorite social media platform

and why?

Instagram. It's all about the images.

It's all about video. It's up close and personal.


Favorite movie you saw in the last six months?

On the Basis of Sex. A film that could not be more apropos at this moment in time. The brief cameo of the real and formidable RBG at the end? Sent chills down my spine. 

Sam Ellis

Account Manager

After working with Blue Shoe for the last three summers as an Intern, managing the Social Media for the Hampton Classic Horse Show, Sam is now working with Blue Shoe on additional accounts, creating videos and social media content.

What is your favorite social media platform and why? 

Instagram. It's short sweet and to the point. I don’t have to read a novel and it's limited to just pictures so I don’t have to weed through articles.  

Favorite movie you saw in the last six month?

Thats tough... I’m not big on movies, I'm generally too wrapped up in school to have time to sit down and watch a whole movie ... Bohemian Rhapsody was really good though. I'm a big classic rock fan so it was a good watch. I also recently started watching Euphoria which is a new series on HBO and I absolutely love it


Amanda Slutzky

 Summer Intern

Amanda is a rising sophomore at Boston University and will be working for Blue Shoe this summer creating social

media and video content. 

What is your favorite social media platform and why? 

Twitter. I love that I can get quick updates on what’s going on in the world, and it’s super easy to customize to my personal interests. At the same time, I can send funny tweets and videos to friends. The mix of information and entertainment definitely changes up my morning social media scroll.


Favorite movie you saw in the last six months?

Eighth Grade. I’m not usually one to cry during movies, but the relatable awkwardness of Elsie Fisher’s character had me bawling in my dorm room. While the second hand embarrassment definitely brought me back to middle school, I loved how raw and realistic the relationships and emotions were. It was as far from a cliche, romanticized coming-of-age movie as it could be, and that’s why it was so great. I shouldn’t have been surprised, as anything Bo Burnham does is always enjoyable.


Why are you majoring in Economics?

I think that there are so many different uses for a social science degree like Economics. Many aspects are essentially studying people’s behaviors to best understand how they’re going to make decisions. Those observations can then be used as anything from data in research to information in influencing policy. The ability to have so many different paths to choose from is definitely what drew me to Economics.


A selection of our clients ... diverse ... unique ... committed ... 


Sarah Minardi, Mary Anne Horwath, Tim Sickinger, Empower Her Network, Habitat Magazine, Classic Party Rentals, Adlumen Productions, The Hayground School

Sarah Hinckley Studio, Bucellati, MMI, SGA, Peg Cafferty, India's Daughter, Downtown Cookie, IBM, Polygon, Barack Obama 2008, Ageless Lifestyle, Bulgaria (yes, the country), Cape Cod Museum of Art, Jarrell Entertainment, Classic Party Rentals, Baking for Good, The Karpel Group, Sony, Hamptons Seafood Company, In Any Event NY, The Hampton Classic, Korber Energy, OTR, Argo Realty, Christian Oth Studio, Miller White Fine Art, Mali B Sweets, Bank of America, Klutch Handbags, Mayor Bloomberg, Rush Printing, Victoria's Secret, Claire Bean Events, Katie Fischer Design, Curtain Up Events, The Beacon Hotel, English Country Antiques, Todd France Photography, Walls Financial, Paramount Pictures, MISTER, Black Duck Cafe, Citibank, Extended Family, Compass Rose Inn, Niche Confections, Designer 8 Furniture Rentals, Maria McBride, Wolffer Vineyard, Lindgren & Smith, Celebrate XYZ, The Trevor Day School, American Express, Vermont Studio Center, Green Mustache, Urban Archeology, This Chick Bakes, The Peggy Segal Company, Jill Gordon Celebrate, Christian Oth Studio, Karma Bakery, McDonalds, Robin Miller Antiques, Wellspring Info, Watermill Party, In Balance Studio, Calmer Choice, Cystic Fybrosis Foundation...to say nothing of scores of artists, writers, and entrepreneurs


We produce sales – through non-traditional marketing ideas – for our clients and for ourselves. We like new ideas. We like interesting, useful products and services. We like throwing cost-effective ideas at the wall and watching the ones that stick take off. We like creating markets for products stuck in traditional markets that are saturated to the max, and therefore difficult to break into. In other words, we work with small companies looking to grow through non-traditional methods.


Our philosophy is to approach each project from a clean slate. No comparisons. No recycling of ideas and services. That’s one of the reasons we rarely take the same kind of company twice. It ensures we bring our freshest selves to the businesses entrusting us with their products and services. And, we like ownership in the companies with which we partner.


We are risk takers. First timers. New ideas. Never before tried. Our results speak to the success of recognizing that this new world in which we all work has no historical significance in terms of success. Ok, that’s a slight exaggeration. For example, we know when to send a blast out to invite the highest open rate. And, we know what kinds of posts work on Facebook. But, in terms of strategy, uncharted waters is our favorite playground.


We get a lot of calls from people just starting businesses, or people who want to do their marketing on their own, but need some guidance and to be kept up to date on what is working and what is passe. Blue Shoe's Business Cooperative. Yep. A cooperative that provides the map for communication’s success for small businesses in certain industry silos. (Want to know more about silos and what they mean? Send us an email.) We will be working with the event industry, wellness industry, specialty food industry, bookstores, restaurants, retailers (doing under $500,000 per year) and non-profits to provide a blue print for success in marketing, advertising, social media and business strategy.  


Please email us and let us hear about your goals and aspirations.


Open your minds to that which is not a sure thing and the next success will be yours. And, ours.


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