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LinkedIn Tools

Your URL, Project Load Ins, and Features.

Marketing Lesson from a Hoodie

Huddle up. Story time. Lessons to be learned. 

Google Analytics

The webinar will walk you through how to use analytics step-by-step.

Content Marketing

Yes, it's all about what content you are offering your customer and how relevant it is to their interests. Tying it to your goods and services is what builds loyalty. Not pushing out your sales message.

Facebook Boosting

Facebook Ads.

How to boost and get the likes that will convert to sale.

Print Ads

If you must do print, make sure you have everything in it that will bring you the greatest return.

Reviewing Your Website

Now that your website is no longer the only online "spokesperson" for your brand (social media platforms also sing your song), how does that change what it should include? Top ten list of website must haves.


Oh so much to hear in 15 minutes. 



More important than your URL? Possibly. 


Take 15 minutes to understand what they can do to ensure you are found, heard and seen.


LinkedIN for Business to Business


It's a new world at LinkedIN and they are experimenting with ways to help you do more than look for a job or find a candidate to fill a job. And, it's working. 


Join us for 15 minutes on what LinkedIN can offer you now and how to parlay your membership into more than just accepting connections.

Social Media: Adjective VS. Noun

Social Media is not the answer to your prayers for building your business. It's one of many things that will increase your sales. Let's take a few minutes to explore putting it in perspective. What can you really expect from social media?



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