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#Blue2Weekly - Week of September 11, 2023

Twenty-two years after that clear day in 2001 when buildings fell and people died, we all have our way of marking the anniversary. All of us at Blue2 Media send out a strong hope for a better future for the world and the people in it. May we tolerate those who fill us with anger. May we do one act of goodness every day. May we recognize the power in taking a moment before we speak our truth to someone who might find it different from their own.


With the start of the new school year, we bring our #Blue2Weekly to you, communicating ideas, thoughts that will fester, and data points to consider around how you are getting your brand, products and services out to the plethora of places which deserve to receive it. Every Monday forever more, look for our missive in your inbox, and do forward it to friends, family, and fellow biz people if you think it's appropriate. Our continued thanks for your time,

which we take very seriously. - Christine Merser

The Eye of the Camera

Sometimes the best way to take a picture is to chop something in the frame off. Make it interesting. Here is a great example of how cutting off the top of the horse’s head (and not putting it at the bottom of the bed) as well as the cropped legs creates an image that is very powerful - maybe more powerful than if you’d shot the entire horse.

Social Media Tips Adding Links to Posts

You may have noticed that many people when they’re posting on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, will add toward the end of their post, ”link can be found in the comments section below.” “What’s that about?“ you ask.

Two reasons.

The first is that on a platform like LinkedIn, they don’t want you to add a link to send the reader off the LinkedIn platform to go read something. They know the odds of you coming back are greatly diminished. So, if you put the link in the post, they will penalize you by not putting it in front of your following. In addition, the more people who click on comments under a post, the stronger the algorithm is for making sure the post itself gets a larger reach. It signals to the algorithm that people are interested in the post. From now on, if you’re adding a link, put it in your comments section; win - win.


Expanding Your Watering Hole

It's Time to Connect!

What is the backdrop for your quote, message, or even image? Take this image, load it into Canva and put your own quote in place of Nike’s. The black and white background will not interfere with your message and you will present an overall image that is worthy of whatever message you put out.


59% of CMO’s (Chief Marketing Officers) polled recently said that AI is the most important trend in marketing for 2023, with nothing else coming close.

So, of course, we knew what the subject of our September workshop had to be. Two Sessions to Choose From Tuesday, September 26th at 12PM EDT and 5:30PM EDT You will leave understanding how to use AI without being overwhelmed.

You will leave with a list of which platforms are right for your business. And, most importantly, you will have the confidence to get started on something that isn’t going to be optional for your future success. If you haven’t signed up for our workshop, please consider attending. If you are a client, past or present, you can attend as our guest. If you'd like to attend, send us an email to let us know you want a place and which session you'd like to attend. If you are not a client past or present, the cost of the workshop is $10. Email us to register.


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