Where self publishing finds a marketing partner

You are considerting self publishing your book. You think the difficult part is writing it. It's marketing and selling it that will be your challenge. 


Blue Shoe Publishing partners with you, in a way unlike any other self-publisher, to ensure you get the largest reach possible for your book and for the sales it deserves. 

Blue Shoe works with no more than one hundred self published authors each year. We offer the following services.


Publishing Your Book

  • Book editing. We do not do re-writes. We proof and format.  

  • Book design and layout.

  • Amazon load in and sales set up. 

and/ or

Marketing Your Book

  • Setting up all your social media. We assess the right platforms for the genre of your book.

  • Setting up your email outreach for friends/family and eblasting to the email names you acquire.  

  • Email outreach to independent book stores.

      (Our mailing list has more than 700 stores.)

  • Marketing plan for your book. We create it with you. You execute it. 

  • Content creation for your sales through your social media. 

  • Blogger lists for outreach. 

  • Monthly meetings with you to review successes and challenges. 

  • Design for book signings posters. 

  • Design for postcards and other collateral. 

How does it work?

We do not do it all for you. We work with you. You will help determine the pathways to sales based on your own connections and who you believe can't wait to read your book. We bring in our opinions and ideas, and together we work through your plan for sales. We review it with you. We support you in all things surrounding your book sales and making sure it reaches its perfect market. 


We do not accept books we don't think we can market successfully. That's why we work with a limited number of writers and books each year, and that is why we have to read your book before accepting it. It's a partnership between you and Blue Shoe and it has to be a fit - both with the book and your expectations and commitment to selling it. 


The process of acceptance takes up to three weeks. If accepted, we then schedule the timeline to launch and let the games begin!

Why has Blue Shoe launched this program?

After our Managing Partner did a series of lectures on marketing your self published work, we received tens of inquiries about working with the writers who attended the workshops asking for assistance. We think it's a win win proposition and we launched our Self Publishing division in June of 2016.




For more information please email us.                  


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Full publishing Package including editing, design, book registration and one year marketing.       $4,500

Marketing Package only for one year.                                                                                                $2,500