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Christine Merser & Leslie Grossman Talk the Strongest Women Leaders Of 2021

Leslie Grossman, founder of Circle Leadership, and Christine Merser, Leader of Blue Shoe, each show up at the table with three picks for the strongest Women Leaders of 2021. Some surprises to be sure; a little controversy. Don’t miss this podcast where Beth Dutton of Yellowstone has the stage alongside Liz Cheney, the GOP turncoat leading the January 6th committee examining the Insurrection. Who are your picks? We’d love to hear.

Leaders & Followers; The Responsibility of Both

Christine Merser and Leslie Grossman talk all things ‘leadership,’ including how to determine what followers you want as well as what the follower responsibility is in this new era of so many leaders and so little time. Are all leaders good? Attributes of some of today’s leaders, and of course the leadership styles of Donald Trump & Joe Biden.

Corporations & the 2020 Election

For the past four years corporations have participated in getting their employees to register to vote and in ever increasing numbers giving time off on Election Day to vote. But it’s more complicated than that. Here is something you didn’t know. Voter registration is down – in high double digits – especially with younger voters. What we think of as an election where everyone is engaged is not the case, and Lesa surmises why. Lots of interesting info, and a to do list so you don’t look back after the election is over and wonder why you didn’t do more. Join Christine Merser as she interviews Lesa Ukman, who for twenty years has been at the forefront with collecting data and evaluating the value of corporate sponsorships and their return on investment. Now she and her team focus on corporate responsibility around giving, and its relationship to the company’s core values.

Staging a Real Estate Listing

The Iconic Modern Home approach to staging is to bring in furnishing of equal value to the listing itself, and then can sold as part of the listing itself. Who wants to spend six months furnishing a $7 million plus home when you can walk in, add you personal touches and live your life? Sarah Minardi, from Saunders Real Estate, in The Hamptons interviews Geoff about staging tips and his philosophy around furnishing a home. Brought to you by Melissa Cohn from the private banking division of Family First Funding, providing excellence in the mortgage market in Connecticut, New York and New Jersey.

Public Speaking & Your Authentic Voice with Julie Zuraw Group

Christine Merser interviews Julie Zuraw about the candidate’s speeches in the past election and bringing your authentic voice to your public presentations.

“The issues you have in your life will be the issues you have in presenting.”

-Julie Zuraw

Shanette Barth Cohen from The Hampton Classic Talks Sponsorships & Vendor Relations

Christine Merser, CEO of Blue Shoe Strategy, interviews Shanette Barth Cohen, Executive Director of The Hampton Classic about how she likes to be approached by vendors who want to provide the millions of dollars of services and products that make The Classic the foremost horse show in the country. Are you a sales person for a tenting company? Hear how to reach out to her. And, she talks about customizing sponsorship options for sponsors (including brands like Longine, Land Rover, and Fendi) so that no sponsorship package is generic and each package reflects the end game the sponsor wishes to win. If you are in the event industry, or you have an event where sponsorships are the cornerstone of revenue, this podcast is not to be missed.

Cold Calling in Business. Oh My!

Abby Fabiaschi who, before she left business to be a full time writer, last served as Director of Global Sales Enablement (fancy term for cold calling division?)for Enterasys, who provides patented and differentiated wired and wireless network infrastructure, as well as security and management solutions. While we always say at Blue Shoe that cold calling is in the past, Abby walks us through how it’s still in the present, but with a different mind set and application. Great interview about making ‘warm’ calls. And, by the way, her book, I liked My Life can be found on Amazon and has nothing to do with her business life, but has already become a hot seller and book club choice.

Sue Baxter from FM Home Loans Interview on Learning from Failure

Oh what we can learn when a business fails. Join Christine Merser as she interviews Sue Baxter, Mortgage Broker extraordinaire as she reveals a business failure and the lessons surrounding it.

Carol Rea from UPS Talks About Women Big Business

Christine Merser interviews Carol Rea, who works at UPS in Kansas City about her rise at UPS. Much laughter. Much reinforcement around working for a large company like UPS, and best of all, laugh about Carol “Browning Up” to deliver packages during the busy season at UPS.

Another woman’s story and insight.

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