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“No two creative thoughts can be the same. Different. Each time.”

Frances Pearson

Chief of So Many Things

Anyone can engage. Doing it creatively. Memorably. That's the challenge.

Waking up each day and putting together an outfit that doesn't look like the one you wore yesterday is easy if you have a closet the size of Kansas. Engage each time in a way that doesn't replicate anything you've done and your creativity will keep your customer interested. Or putting together a series that continues to engage can run as long as there is interest. They may buy your product over and over again, but keep the content around it in constant motion and ever-changing and it will feel like something fresh each time they see you. 


Series Example

The Beacon Hotel: "Room with a View Series" on Facebook

We love The Beaon Hotel, who has been a social media and marketing client for quite some time. Our managing partner stays there when she is in New York City. We call her Eloise at The Beacon because it's like a second home to her. She noticed that whatever suite she stays in, she had a new and interesting view. So, we put it out there to the followers of the page and they engaged. We have posted different rooms twenty times in the last year, and the response has included thousands of likes and comments, and tens of images of the views from others who have stayed there. 














People joined in. More than 125,000 likes; thousands of shares; community engaging comments that included images from those that stayed at The Beacon in the past. Win, win. The #RoomWithAView series has been running for more than a year and continues to garner engagement. 


Keith Reinhard, the master mind behind the icon McDonalds "You Deserve a Break Today" ad from the sixties. McDonalds' president asked him how long he thought the ad should run. "Until no one deserves a break anymore." What he meant, we surmise, is that it should run until it no longer drew people in - until the ad no longer solicited a response from them. We agree, and we will be running the Room with a View series until it no longer holds interest with the loyal followers of The Beacon Hotel. 

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