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Blue Shoe Content

Blue Shoe Content is a Multi-platform Media & Consulting company, partnering with those looking to use the foremost creative content - and out-of-the-box options - to build their own business and brand recognition. What an exciting time to be able to work in this arena, when every single day something new can be created to build a brand and positively appeal to your active and potential customer base. 


Blue Shoe maintains a robust internship program designed to immerse our interns with activities that will provide valuable experience for their future career planning. We pair our intern’s interests with one of our clients whose content fits in with their interests.  


We do provide internships during the year where we take the schedule of our intern into consideration, but our summer internship program - from June to September - where we offer ten to twenty hours per week is the most coveted part of the program. Our intention is to provide projects where there is a beginning, a middle and an end, so our intern can see it all through to fruition. We pay our interns between $10 and $15 dollars an hour, and we provide oversight and mentorship throughout the program. 


Take a look through our work, and our clients, and see if there are clients and projects you might find interesting. We also can focus your internship program on a social media platform of interest if that is your preference. We are accepting candidates for the Summer, 2022 program. Feel free to submit your resume, your statement of interest (what do you wish to accomplish during our time together?), as well as your availability. 



"We are anchored in hard work and collaboration. Consider joining the team."

                                                      - Christine Merser

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