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The Super Bowl Ad We Should Have Gotten

Typically we give the numbers on the ads shown during the Super Bowl. This year, with women giving the Super Bowl unprecedented attention, it was the most watched television show ever, the numbers are truly amazing, we wanted to show the ad that should have been on. 


We loved Shelley Zalis's callout of this brilliant campaign, shared below the Ad. 

Sydney Sweeney's Ford Motor Company campaign has been hailed as a marketing masterstroke. And this comes on the heels of last year's brilliant campaign spotlighting the crucial role women inventors have played in the auto industry - inventing brake and turn signals, windshield wipers and GPS, to name a few.

Sweeney is an actor AND mechanic. Her partnership #Ford Showcases her genuine passion for and skills in auto repair. She grew up repairing cars with her family, often the only girl in the shop. Her dream? Restoring a vintage Ford Bronco. And she did - her 1969 Ford Bronco, which she completely restored herself, is her most prized possession.

Women make up the majority of vehicle purchases, and most women — 74% — say they feel misunderstood by car marketers. Ford is changing that. This is authentic marketing done right and how refreshing to see an impactful ad like this one! When we showcase women and girls authentically, we can connect with the consumer to not only drive growth, but establish true brand loyalty. 


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